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Part of the reason Brendon became the owner of Strong Tower is because of the foundations laid by Founder, Josh Dubik. Josh had a vision of a place where people’s entire lives could be changed through the medium of fitness. 

This is what Brendon always wanted, too. As a former pastor, he wanted something subversively powerful that changed you slowly inside and out. Something more than just a gym.

He likes to say we’re part gym, part Cheers. No, there’s no bar here. But Cheers was a place where everybody knew your name and they were always glad you came. Strong Tower is like that place.

Brendon runs Strong Tower to be a place that cares for more than just the physical body. He wants you to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, and MISSION MINDED. That is accomplished through the three pillars called The Strong Tower Way (hyperlink to blog series).

Hear about Brendon’s journey to Strong Tower and the mission driving it forward.

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