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What Are The CrossFit Games (And How Do I Watch?)

This week is like Christmas for those who follow the Sport of Fitness. It the culmination of the CrossFit Games calendar where we get to find out who actually is the Fittest on Earth. Spoiler alert. It’s Mat Fraser and Tia-Claire Toomey. But, for Noah

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I’m Strong To The Finish, Cause I Eats Me… Protein

Part three in the Starting From Scratch series, comin’ at ya! The first rule of Strong Tower Nutrition was, eat your breakfast. The second rule of Strong Tower Nutrition was, eat your fruits and veggies. So, what’s the third rule? Eat your protein. No, hold

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Building The Perfect Health and Fitness Framework

“Those sounds like amazing goals. We can totally get you there. Let’s start with breakfast.” “Breakfast? I want to lose weight.” “Yeah, breakfast. What did you have for breakfast this morning?” “I didn’t. I’m doing a vegan, keto, intermittent fast with cleansing pills and shakes.”

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Breathe. Move. Repeat.

As we approached the East River Tunnel we took in big deep breaths and swallowed them. Our cheeks puffed and eyes bulged as we drove through the dim tunnel connecting West Virginia and Virginia along Interstate 77. Without fail one of the kids would spit

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Eat A Banana For Breakfast

One of my favorite Instagram posts of all time was by EC Synkowski. A picture of two banana peels with the caption: BREAKING NEWS Woman eats two bananas for breakfast; still alive. Pure gold. Often demonized, the banana might be the one thing you need

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getting healthy should not be this hard.

One of the most maddening things is how unnecessarily difficult we have made health. Maybe that’s putting it too lightly. We have made it hand wringing, hair pulling, scream at the top of your lungs impossible to know how to get and stay healthy. It’s

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Variations on a Plank

I received a great question from a remote client yesterday about how to plank and variations of the plank position. Whether it be the front or side plank, the variations are many. If you just want to know what movement progression to perform, skip ahead

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FREEDOM When you read the word “freedom” what comes to mind? Being released from chains or cuffs or bands. Walking out of a cell or imprisonment, maybe. Freedom, for a lot of us means moving away from some sort of pain. I think freedom is

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What To Expect When Classes Resume

It’s almost time to reopen! The gym is looking great! We cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom: subfloor, mats, walls, equipment, you name it we cleaned and sanitized it. We have to take some temporary measures when we reopen. Emphasis on TEMPORARY. We hope

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4 Things That Make Mental Toughness Easier

This was a mental toughness workout. “One foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other. On foot…” The rain was starting to fall now, too. Cold, rain, and running. The perfect storm, right? I plodded along one foot in front

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