Building The Perfect Health and Fitness Framework

“Those sounds like amazing goals. We can totally get you there. Let’s start with breakfast.”

“Breakfast? I want to lose weight.”

“Yeah, breakfast. What did you have for breakfast this morning?”

“I didn’t. I’m doing a vegan, keto, intermittent fast with cleansing pills and shakes.”


Ok, so that might be a stretch. But it’s not too big a stretch. Working in health and fitness for all these years I hear it all. Human’s have an uncanny ability to take a simple concept and make it so complex that Rube Goldberg would blush.

But the fitness industry is just about the worst. And they do it on purpose just to drain your wallet. The latest diet craze coupled with the newest thingy-ma-bobber will finally get you the washboard abs you’ve always wanted. Until they don’t and someone pushes a new solution to you.

That will inevitably fail, too. And so the cycle of madness goes leaving you broke and confused.

But here is the REAL truth.

[I know you’ve heard that line before. But trust me on this one…]

The principles of nutrition are SIMPLE.

The principles of fitness are SIMPLE.

They’re so simple, in fact, that we tend to dismiss them. It can’t be that easy.

Well, I think it is and I’m out to prove it.

The Principles

The core principles of nutrition and fitness haven’t changed much over the years. Slimy sales people want you to think they have, but they haven’t. Truth is old, my friends. Truth is old.

The real challenge is taking these core principles of nutrition and fitness and making them effectively applicable to all. But thankfully I’ve been here before. I’ve broken down principles into easily digestible action steps. Granted in the technology, space. But once you’ve build a successful framework, it gets easier to repeat.

The best way is to ask, what are the top few things that will render the greatest result across the population. You might have heard of Pareto’s Principle that states, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This has been observed in business, technology agriculture, and various other spaces.

I observe this to be true in nutrition and fitness as well. 80% or more of the effects you desire (weight loss, performance gain, anti-aging, increase range of motion, etc) will come from 20% of the causes (think diets and fitness routines).

If I can lay out those causes and present them in actionable fashions, then you are well on your way!

The Key

The key is NOT the cause itself. They key is not the diet, the workout program, or the trainer. This is a sad realization for most who hop from gym to gym, personal trainer to personal trainer, and from diet to diet thinking that they didn’t work.

The key is being consistent in both your nutrition and fitness REGARDLESS of the diet or program.

Here is a little hint: they all work if you do.

Here is another little hint: the best ones are the ones you can sustain consistently for the rest of your life.

Consistency is key, my friends.

That’s not sexy I know. And it doesn’t sell well. But it’s the truth.

The Challenge

So, how do I lay out the 20% of causes that will give you 80% or more of your wildest dreams in simple, sustainable ways?

All while making it attractive and exciting?

Well, I guess we’ll figure that out, now won’t we? Stay tuned friends!

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