MICHAEL SCOTT’S D.M.S.M.P.M.C. Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race. For the CrossFit Open.

I knew an Office reference would get a click! More from Michael later. Since you’re here…

Think back to The CrossFit Open 2020. It might be hard. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Remember 20.5? For time, 40 muscle ups (or pull ups) + 80 cal row + 120 wall balls. Final workout of The Open — Did you have enough gas in the tank to finish it? 

How about 20.2? Twenty minute AMRAP of dumbbell thrusters + toes to bar + double unders. Do you remember looking at the clock and wondered why time the seconds were ticking away in slow motion?

I know 20.5 really kicked my butt!

Truth is, the food you eat directly impacts your performance in the gym. The CrossFit Open 2021 is coming up in about a month, and you might have some big, personal goals this year. If you haven’t set any goals, yet — you should! In the meantime, check out these two tips to help you power through your workouts and realize your goals!

Tip #1: Keep it consistent

Many of us are told that we should carb load the day before a big workout or event, but there is a better approach.

Start now. Make sure you are focusing on eating mostly whole, nutrient dense foods, getting a balance of carbs, fat, and protein, and staying hydrated. This means all of the time– not just the day before your workout or event. Consistency is key.

Remember The Office episode “Fun Run”

Michael Scott eats an entire container of fettuccine alfredo right before he starts running a 5k

— time to carbo-load!!

But it doesn’t turn out too well for Michael. Please don’t be like Mike.

Tip #2: Fuel around your workout

Morning warriors, as much as your body can handle it, you should consume a carbohydrate and protein source before your workout. If you struggle to eat early in the morning, try a liquid source of fuel like a protein shake + a few bites of fruit. 

If you workout in the afternoon or evening, eat your normal balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. Then aim to get some carbs in about an hour before the workout.

After your workout, everyone needs to replenish energy stores and assist with muscle recovery/building by consuming a post workout shake or snack that contains protein and carbs. My go-to is a whey protein powder, banana, berry smoothie. For optimal results and recovery after your workout, eat a balanced meal, hydrate, and get adequate rest.

Don’t change things up or try something new right before The Open. Now is the time to commit to simple, sustainable food habits. Looking for a more customized support to reach your performance goals? Book a free intro NUTRITION APPOINTMENT.

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