Eat A Banana For Breakfast

One of my favorite Instagram posts of all time was by EC Synkowski. A picture of two banana peels with the caption:


Woman eats two bananas for breakfast; still alive.

Pure gold. Often demonized, the banana might be the one thing you need to totally get on track for sustainable lifelong health and fitness.

Hang with me here.

Whenever someone asks me about getting healthy I usually start with breakfast.

Not a kitchen cupboard clean out. Not a list of off-limits foods and restricted times to eat.

We start with ADDING, not subtracting.

We deal in BUILDING POSITIVE habits. Not restricting and punishing for seemingly negative habits.

The reasons are many and probably a whole other post for a whole other time. Primarily, restrictive diets have monstrous failure rates because they’re built on punishment and negative behavior. Don’t eat this. Stop doing that. You’re a bad person.

How NOT fun is that? Odds of you doing this for the rest of your life?

Slim to none.

So let’s start ADDING with the most important meal of the day: Breakfast!

Ready to fix your breakfast and fix your health?

Let’s go!

  1. Eat it. If you’re not currently eating breakfast, eat it. It sets the tone for the entire day.
  2. Eat protein at breakfast. Any protein will do. I personally love my peanut butter and Greek Yogurt (Oikos Triple Zero to be specific). But grab a protein, any protein and include it.
  3. Eat a fruit and/or veggie. I don’t care what. I don’t care how much. Just eat a fruit and/or veggie. Veggies are a little tougher at breakfast. They’re not typical breakfast fare, but grab a handful of some and toss them back. I love fruit at breakfast. I love them at every meal, but breakfast especially.
  4. Eating a satisfying breakfast means you’re full. The more full you are the better the choice you’re likely to make at lunch. Better lunch decisions leads to better dinner decisions. See this snowball forming? Momentum is everything. Create it and keep it.
  5. Aren’t I eating too much? Especially with all the sugar in fruit?
    Focus on QUALITY of food and more often than not you will autoregulate quantity. It happens time and time again, almost without fail. Eat protein, fruits and veggies and you end up eating less crap. You get less calories in the same amount of bites.
    Here’s a great example. Consider the same exact amount of the following foods.
    165 grams of cucumber has about 24 calories
    165 grams of banana has about 147  calories
    165 grams of potato chips about 850 calories
    Same volume. Significant difference in calories. Quality autoregulates quantity more often than not.
  6. Eating breakfast better fuels you for workouts today and better recovers you for workouts tomorrow. It’s that simple. Especially for the high intensity interval workouts we do under varying loads. We operate predominantly in the glycolytic energy pathway where the body utilizes glucose to create ATP so you can work. Glucose it a type of sugar your body creates from the food you eat. Restrict your food, have less glucose, have less ATP, have performance let downs in the gym.

Most importantly you’re building a healthy relationship with the banana. Food is not good or bad, clean or dirty. Food is food. They vary in nutrient density, for sure. But let’s not demonize an entire food group or meal. No one needs that kind of negativity. Especially now.

Go grab a banana and enjoy it guilt free. Better yet, eat two. 

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