I Have Coaches. Do You?

I think I’ve lost track of how many “courses” I’ve signed up for but either haven’t finished or haven’t seen the fruit from it.

Now, that’s not the course’s fault. It’s mine, obviously. I’m primarily responsible for my outcomes. So I am not going on a rant about how these courses are no good.


I have noticed a significant difference in both completion and fruit when I have a coach.

Example, I have taken business courses, read books, and even been in “Mastermind” groups. However, I have been with my same business mentor since June of 2018, seen TONS of results, and have no plans on stopping.

Another one. I have taken self help course, read (countless) books, and even been in small groups. However, I have been with the same life coach since May of 2020, seen TONS of results, and have no plans on stopping.

That got me to wondering about any correlation between a one-on-one coaching relationship and long term results.

And then Two Brain Business published some statistics that backed me into my answer.

With over 6,500 data points from the microgym industry they published some interesting results about client retention and adherence as it related to client-coach ratios.

My hunch was supported by data.

A 1-to-1 client to coach relationship resulted in significantly longer retention. Two Brain wrote these thoughts on the data:

Both long-term retention and adherence are highest with 1:1 training. This makes sense: A client has an appointment to meet with someone, has paid a premium for that appointment and is likely to keep it. This 1:1 setting is also where clients make the fastest progress, so they have both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to show up.

Chris Cooper

Both as a client and a coach I nodded along. This makes a ton of sense.

A 1-on-1 relationship leads to better adherence (I can stick with it), faster progress, and both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) motivation.

I am a coach. I know this to be true. So I have 1:1 coaches. In fact I am meeting with my business coach, Josh Martin, later today.

Do you have a 1:1 coach?

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