More Thankful Than Ever

I can honestly say that I have not experienced a Thanksgiving like this before. Everything seems a bit upside down. Things and places are closed. Some permanently. Important people are missing from around the table. There are plenty of reasons to not be happy and thankful.

Yet, we have reasons to be more thankful than ever this year.

Thankful for resilience. That we were able to take a punch and we’re still here.

Thankful for friends and family. Those who called to check in and support. Those who we allowed into our bubble so we could thrive together.

Thankful for carbs. Diet culture is garbage and we can enjoy some stuffing and a slice of pie today guilt-free.

Thankful for a lifestyle that supports happiness and health. We can be off the yo-yo forever and enjoy a consistent lifestyle that makes us happier, healthier, and more mission-minded.

What we focus on in life expands. So be intentional today, dear friends. Be intentional about thinking about these and other things. Let the light and joy and power and glory of these things swell up inside so much that you find an unexpected tear in your eye.

Here is a quick gratitude routine for you today. Take 120 seconds and do this:

(Seriously. Open up a timer on your phone right now.)

  • Close your eyes (after you read all this).
  • Put your hand over your heart.
  • Take two deep slow breaths. Makes sure you exhale fully.
  • Ask yourself gently and preciously with all the love you can, “How are you feeling?”
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings. Don’t judge them. Don’t label them as good or bad, regardless of what they are.
  • Then be super kind to yourself. Even think of the child version of yourself. Say something safe, reassuring, and loving. Like “I know it’s been hard. Super hard. And I’m so sorry you’ve gone through so much this year. But I could not be more proud of how strong and resilient you are. You’re amazing! You’ve got what it takes, and I believe in you!”
  • Focus on one thing you’re thankful for. It can even be the pie, if you like. And smile.
  • Now open your eyes.

Feel better?

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. Now go grab that last slice of turkey before someone else does. 🙂

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