No Lift No Gift – Virtual Meet Rules and Guidelines


Registration Opens: November 25, 2020 at 9:00 am EST 

Registration Closes: December 19, 2020 at 9:00 am EST

Cost: $70 for a team of two or $35 for an individual

Registration Link:

Meet Director Contact Information 

Brendon Collins
Owner, Strong Tower

Key Points & Executive Summary 

  • You must compete between December 18 – December 20. 
  • Video submissions must be uploaded by December 20 at 11:59 pm EST. 
  • You must use a Time Stamp mobile application to verify the time of your attempts.
  • You must adhere to the minimum equipment guidelines or attempts will be disqualified. 
  • All videos must be submitted into your designated folder of Google Drive or uploaded via the Google Form (below)
  • You must take your opening attempt within a 3-hour time window
  • All attempts must take place on the same day within a 4-hour time window. 
  • All video submission guidelines must be followed.
  • If you do not meet the video submission guidelines your videos will not be counted and judged.
  • Results will be publicly available by December 24 at 11:59 pm EST, so Santa can bring you your gift!

Please email the Meet Director if you have any questions. 

Meet Background 

Let’s Lift Weights! No Lift No Gift started as an in-house partner competition where we would max out our back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift after a strength cycle. But given the current state of affairs we wanted to share the fun with everyone! Athletes will compete as an individual or grab a partner of the opposite gender and get three attempts to establish a one rep max in each of the following lifts: back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift all within a four hour period. All from wherever they are in the world. Train at another gym? Perfect. Partner is out of state? No problem. Lift in your home or garage? Love it! Video proof of all nine attempts will be submitted for verification. The event is meant to be FUN and rewarding!


Open, Male & Female Partners

Weight Classes (total combined weight of both lifters on day of meet)

Class 1Up to 265 lbs
Class 266 – 330 lbs
Class 331 – 397 lbs
Class 398+ lbs

Competition Dates 

Dates: December 18 – December 20 

Due to the limitations of the Virtual Meet, this competition will not operate in a live manner. Instead, participants  will submit their attempts to our referees for judging & scoring according to the video submission  guidelines, between the dates of December 18 – December 20. 

We’ve decided to use a range of dates to accommodate the varying situations and time zones that participants  may find themselves worldwide. All video submissions are due by December 20 at 11:59PM

Strong Tower will provide a scale for weigh-in (if necessary) and multiple platforms on December 19, 2020 if lifters need a place to compete. Capacity will be limited and awarded on a first come, first served basis. Information on reserving a spot at Strong Tower will be made available by meet organizers after registration.

Results will be publicly available by December 24 at 11:59 pm EST. 

Required Mobile Equipment & Mobile Applications

Participants must download and use Time Stamp applications to verify the date and time of weigh-ins (if necessary) and video  collection. Participants will be subject to automatic disqualification if photo & video submissions do not include a  timestamp. Photo & video submissions will be subject to further inquiry if the referee or contest director has any  doubt. 


  • Singlets are optional to wear. However, if you choose not to wear a singlet, please wear form fitting attire where the hip crease is clear and visible. 
  • Lifting belts, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps are allowed to be worn
  • Not allowed are the use of lifting straps, knee wraps, or squat suits.
  • Must use a 35 lbs or 45 lbs bar
    • Using 15 lbs trainer bar will be allowed if requested in advance

TimeStamp Camera App


Google Play 

Weigh-Ins (Only for weight class divisions) 

Weigh-ins are a standard procedure of any competition in any Powerlifting Federation. Participants will be required to complete a weigh-in protocol to be eligible for an award in a weight class for this competition. There will be an OPEN division where weigh-ins are not necessary.  

If you choose to compete in the OPEN division, please email the meet director ( and inform them of your intention.

To simulate competition conditions, participants must weigh-in and then take their opening attempt within a 3-hour time-window after weigh-ins. This time window will be verified by viewing the time stamps of the weigh-in  photo and opening attempt video submissions. Guidelines for submitting your weigh-in (if necessary) are listed below. 

  • The participant must provide a photo of him/her standing on the scale using a Time Stamp mobile  application. 
    • The lifter will declare their name to begin the video. 
    • The entire lifter standing on the scale must be visible before zooming in to the scale to clearly show the both feet on the scale weight displayed. Lifter’s feet and scale are not allowed to leave the frame as the camera zooms in. 
    • No cuts are allowed in the video. 
  • The participant must take their opening attempt on Squat within 3 hours of weighing in.
  • The minimum clothing requirement is to weigh-in wearing the same or similar garments you will perform your opening lift in. 
  • Photos that do not abide by the minimum requirements will be subject to immediate  disqualification. 

Honesty, Sportsmanship, and Reason for Doubt 

We acknowledge that any Virtual Meet format provides a unique opportunity for individuals to game the system  and take advantage of the rules. Participants in this competition MUST uphold the values of honesty and good  sportsmanship by adhering as best as possible to this document’s rules & guidelines. If there is any suspicion of  cheating, a participant will be subject to further inquiry. We also aim to be understanding of unique situations that  may arise based on logistics.

Attempts And Lift Qualifications 

Participants  will submit three attempts each on the Back Squat, Shoulder Press (Strict), and Deadlift to our panel for scoring.  These attempts must follow these qualifications.

Qualification for squat

  • After removing the bar from the rack the lifter must be motionless with knees locked out before starting the lift squat.
  • The lifter must get depth with the top surface of the hip below the top surface of the knees
  • The lifter must stand with knees locked out and motionless before re-racking the barbell

Qualification for shoulder press

  • After removing the bar from the rack the lifter must be motionless with knees locked out and barbell in front rack position before starting the lift. 
  • The bar must pause and be motionless above the lifters head and over the lifters center of gravity with locked out arms. The lifter must show control, arms fully locked out, and is motionless before lowering the bar back to front rack position. 
  • From a paused, motionless front rack position, lifter may re-rack or drop the barbell (if safe and using bumper plates). 

Qualification for deadlift

  • The lifter must have the knees locked out and hips extended in a straight position and the shoulders back
  • The lifter may not use a hitching motion during the lift
  • The lifter must be motionless and showing control at the top of the lift before returning the bar to the floor
  • The lifter must keep hands on the bar during the lower until it’s completely resting on the floor (no dropping)

Unique to the Virtual Meet, all attempts must occur on the same day within a 4-hour time window. This time  window will be assessed and verified by analyzing the time stamps on all video submissions. See Mobile Applications above.

Also unique to the Virtual Meet, judging will take into consideration the limitations of video submissions Judges will be instructed to give the lifter the benefit of the doubt if there are questions about adherence to the lift qualifications above. A no-lift will only be assessed if three judges rule that way. 


We will assess each of the nine attempts submitted by a participant according to the lift qualifications above. If video  submissions are not received on time (December 18 – December 20 by 11:59 PM EST) or do not follow the guidelines  below, disqualification will occur. 

Video Submission Guidelines 

All video must be uploaded using this form:

Or uploaded directly to this folder:


Please adhere to these general guidelines as best as possible for all video angles. 

  • All video files (including missed attempts) should be submitted and named in the format of Attempt and  Load Lifted if possible (i.e., Squat Attempt 1_175 pounds) 
  • Ensure that the video camera is mounted on a stable surface at hip height
  • Recording multiple video angles simultaneously is not required but may be beneficial. 

To correctly gather video, ensure that the following criteria are met and our general guidelines:

  • The camera should be at an approximately hip height and at a 45 degree angle in front of the lifter. 
  • Lifter should clearly display the weights on the bar and verbally declare the weight of the lift.
  • Include the entire lift in the video collection, from the start of the set-up with athlete standing in front of bar/rack to the time the hands have left the  bar once it is safely in the rack or on the floor. 
  • Ensure that lighting in the room provides proper visibility for the referees. 
  • Ensure that bar load can be seen 
  • Ensure that the entire body is in view 

After a participant has finished their nine attempts, he/she will be required to submit ALL of their video files, which  MUST be located in the Google Drive folder shared with them after registration. This Google Drive folder must  contain the following: 

  • Video of Weigh-In (if necessary, with Time Stamp on photo) 
  • Video of 9 Attempts (with Time Stamp on each video) 

According to the guidelines above, videos that are not submitted will be counted as a bad lift.

Results & Prizes 

  • Results will be post all at once on December 24th by 11:59 PM EST
  • Teams in each weight class will be awarded medals for 
  • ¾ Raglan baseball T’s will be included with registration if completed by December 9th
  • Prize pick up or delivery will be made available. Arrangements will be made with the medalists
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