Permission to Dream

I’m a little like Jim Halpert in that I don’t dress up for Halloween. It’s just not my thing. Maybe I’m just self-conscious. Regardless, it is a rare occasion that I dress up.

One Halloween in particular I was walking my kiddos around the neighborhood. Per usual I was not in a costume. But I did have my Cleveland Indians baseball cap on. Walking past one family on the sidewalk someone said to me, “Hey, nice Jason Kipnis costume.”

Apparently I looked like…
This guy.

Which for me was kinda cool. Being a huge baseball fan aside, a dream of mine growing up was to play second base for the Indians. Kipnis was, at the time, the starting second baseman for the Indians.

Dude had my dream job.

I’m 42 now, so that ship has sailed some 25 years ago. It’s a dream I don’t really dream anymore. And that’s ok.

My dreams have shifted a bit in recent years. Although they don’t involve turning double plays with Francisco Lindor or hitting walk off homeruns they’re still big dreams.

I want to help as many people as I can live happy, healthy, mission-minded lives. And Strong Tower gives me chance.

It only took me 38 years to realize it.

Goes to show that it’s never too late to dream. That might be some of the best advice I have been given. Shoot, without it I might not even be here typing this message to you.

And it’s that dream of helping as many people as I can live happy, healthy, mission-minded lives that drives my training, too. I want to be around as long as I can to see that dream grow and spread.

Sure, the CrossFit Games would be nice. But longevity and performance are my motivators these days.

Why do you train? How does it fuel your dream?

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