What Are The CrossFit Games (And How Do I Watch?)

This week is like Christmas for those who follow the Sport of Fitness. It the culmination of the CrossFit Games calendar where we get to find out who actually is the Fittest on Earth.

Spoiler alert. It’s Mat Fraser and Tia-Claire Toomey.

But, for Noah Ohlsen’s sake, let’s explore the possibilities and let this thing play out.

So What Are The CrossFit Games?

The CrossFit Games are a multi-day competition where the winner is given the title “Fittest on Earth” and $300,000. The total prize purse awarded over the course of the CrossFit Games is somewhere north of $1.3MM.

I know, I know. If you didn’t have a job and could train all day, you’d be able to qualify for the Games and get some of that money, too. We know.

This year with The COVID and all, the format looks a little different. There will be two stages to the CrossFit Games. The first will take place in each athlete’s home town/gym. This first stage will feature the world’s top 20 Men and Women from the Open (more on that event later) and Sanctional winners from 10 events and will begin Friday, September 18th.

From what we know each of the 30 Men and 30 Women are provided an official CrossFit judge who will score their performance. Each event can be performed only one time. Once an athlete finishes an event, they may not attempt it again. There are no restarts. The workout must continue to completion once the timer begins. The athletes will also submit video of their performance. While this will not be a live broadcast event, there are a series of live updates and commentaries provided by CrossFit. Those can be found here.

The top 5 Men and the top 5 Women coming out of Stage 1 will be invited to Aromas, California for the in person finale of the CrossFit Games, October 19-25.

The CrossFit Games Calendar

How did we get here, narrowing down the field from hundreds of thousands of athletes to be able to crown the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth?

It all starts with the CrossFit Open in February. The Open is a worldwide event for anyone to join and test their fitness. Traditionally five events are programmed over five weeks and the top 20 men and 20 women earn an invitation to the CrossFit Games. Even if you have no prayer at qualifying, The Open provides an annual benchmark of fitness. Personally I will be taking part in my seventh Open this coming year and can’t wait to see where I rank!

All Strong Tower athletes will take part in the Open this year in some fashion. Trust me, it’s a BLAST!

Additionally, there are independent sanctioned events that happen throughout the year where athletes can earn an invitation. These are coined Sanctionals. Events like WODapalooza, Granite Games, Rogue Invitational, and Dubai CrossFit Championship are just some of the most popular Sanctionals.

How Will You Enjoy The CrossFit Games?

One of the reasons I love the Sport of CrossFit is because I get to see elite athletes do the same things I do in the gym every day. Only they do it much, much, much better. But it is part inspiration and part entertainment.

Further, the athletes tend to embody community and sportsmanship. Typically you don’t see bench clearing brawls and red cards during the Games. Athletes tend to cheer for their competitors and not try to sabotage them.

What do you love about The Games?

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