What To Expect When Classes Resume

It’s almost time to reopen! The gym is looking great! We cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom: subfloor, mats, walls, equipment, you name it we cleaned and sanitized it.

We have to take some temporary measures when we reopen. Emphasis on TEMPORARY. We hope to relax these as soon as we are permitted. But for now, we greatly appreciate your help.

So, how will things work when classes start again? Here are the major bullet points for you to know:

  • Everyone must wash or sanitize their hands when they enter and when they leave. We will have hand sanitizer stations in addition to soap and water.
  • Arrive no sooner that 10 minutes before class.
  • Exit immediately after class, stopping only to wash and sanitize. No loitering.
  • If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick you must stay home.
  • Enter only through suite 102 (nearest to Subway) and exit only through 103.
  • There will be designated workout spaces with your equipment already waiting for you. Do not get equipment yourself. Ask a coach.
  • In addition to equipment for that days workout there will also be a spray bottle and a rag for sanitizing your equipment afterwards. There will be a bucket for soiled rags, which are laundered daily.
  • You MUST make a reservation in Wodify. No exceptions. Reservations close 60 minutes before class starts. Cancel your reservation if necessary. There will be a waitlist feature, so if someone cancels or does not show up you can come it to class.
  • Athletes may NOT touch the coaches station. Coaches will check you in to class (if you did not already do so on your app). Athletes must also enter their WOD scores through the app.
  • Children will be allowed at your own risk. They absolutely must stay off the gym floor. We cannot assure children will be socially distanced while you train.
  • Please bring your own water. The water dispenser will not be available.

For those who are not yet comfortable with returning we will continue to provide virtual training. We are also giving everyone access to our new FLEX Program which is comprised of virtual coaching with 4 in person sessions per month. This will ease you into brick and mortar at a more comfortable pace.

We cannot wait to see everyone this week! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

– The Strong Tower Team

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